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At our Farm to Table tour you will get your hands dirty and bellies full !

 On this half day farm-to-table tour, you will learn about all the facets of our sustainable and organic farm, located just outside of La Fortuna, Arenal, Costa Rica. Upon arrival you will be served  fresh fruits and Costa Rican style coffee while your guide explains the farm's history and what you will learn about, taste, and harvest that day.   

As you step out onto the vast farmland, your guide will begin pointing out exotic fruits and vegetables and explain their health properties. Depending on the day, you will be invited to get your hands dirty, planting seedlings or harvesting some food for lunch. Have you ever seen a chocolate tree? Do you know how cinnamon is harvested? How about turmeric? You will learn this and much more!

You'll also get to see the greenhouse  where several types of seedlings are just starting to sprout. Peppercorns, peanuts and cacao are some staples in  the everyday diet and guests love to learn their farm-to-table processes. After the greenhouse we will  visit the beautiful family of sloths that live in the trees and bushes around the farm - make sure to bring your camera for some great wildlife photos!

Then, you'll head back to the farmhouse, where you will be served a delicious farm-to-table lunch made by our team of local chefs. 

Farm-to-Table Tour - La Fortuna

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  • 4 persons

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