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-Meet the creative force behind Costa Rica Cooking-


Chef Scott.jpg
Chef Scott.jpg

Chef. Scott Alan

Scott began his career working with food at a very young age. Both of his parents were professional cooks and Scott found himself in many professional kitchens while growing up. As a young chef eager to learn more, Scott was lucky enough to be trained and mentored for several years by a Culinary Institute of America graduate and working chef. 

After learning the basics of fine dining as well as seafood and regional gourmet cooking, Scott moved on to explore other culinary experiences from around the world through his travels.

Having lived many years in Los Angeles, Scott worked in both the restaurant and entertainment business, where he regularly catered for entertainment celebrity clientele and events. In 2000, Scott jumped at the chance to open a business in Costa Rica, a country he had fallen in love with over the previous years.


His business in Costa Rica was in adventure tourism which he loved, but once Scott realized the plethora of amazing ingredients available in this beautiful country, he couldn't resist, and his desire to get back to his roots, Cooking! Making his favorite creations with local ingredients, He is owner /executive chef at Lava Lounge bar & grill as well teaches classes at his company Costa Rica Cooking.


He recently published a cookbook:  Tropical Cooking Costa Rica: happy eating, happy living.

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