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Creating Environmental Success

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in to read my first blog here on our new revitalized website. I look forward to turning out weekly blogs with information and insight in to all things Costa Rica: new recipes, tropical flavors, food presentation, local dog rescue, sustainable growing , eating, and living. Basically providing a guideline for how to live healthy and most importantly happy! Of course living here in Costa Rica for 17 years has provided me the environment so that I can nurture and continue on this lifestyle track, living each moment in gratitude, I hope to expand my awareness of how to maintain this equilibrium with the natural world.

Ive realized over time how important your environment is to maintaining equilibrium or balance in your life. Creating an environment is one of the most important things you can do in taking your first step towards attaining a healthy balance that allows for mental stimulation as well as mental well-being.

I’m a chef, so of course the first place I start is with food intake, your diet, yes that dirty word. For me its not a dirty word, its just the word I use to describe my overall food life. So I maintain a balanced and consistent diet with moderate cheating. Throw in some moderate exercise and you can have a healthy and fit lifestyle without really trying too hard. Although exercise is so important, if its combined with consistent unhealthy eating habits, a balanced body weight is difficult to obtain.

Cook with fresh ingredients as much as possible. Minimize boxes and bags and cans in your cabinets. Make a garden no matter how small, find a spot! Now you’ve created your environment, enjoy and build on it.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my environment with you in the future!

- Chef Scott Alan

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